Our Machines

A great selection of high quality vending machines

Some Features that Made us Unique

We have the resources to provide our clients with comprehensive vending services customized to meet the needs of any businesses. Offering maintenance and refreshment services to give you everything you need throughout the day.

Expert Technicians

Wide knowledge in vending machines installation and configration & programming payment systems.

Professional Service

Contracting easily and conveniently with companies and individuals.

Great Support

We provide a profissional training, online tickting system, email support & notifications.

Online Monitoring

Keep your machines online to show sales, errors, warnings, profit calculation, orders, warehouse invintory and more.

Payment Systems

German-made coin changers & banknotes, Philips prepaid cards, and any other online payment systems.

Positive Reviews

Our clients leave positive reviews all the time, refer to our social media pages and list of clients below.

Looking for a
quality and affordable Machine?

We are the leading provider of high quality vending machines.We can supply all kinds of vending machines, from coffee vending machines and drinks vending machines to food and snacks vending machines.


We will keep you satisfied

Do you still have doubts to deal with us ? find some of our different and special features available to save your time and efforts, build a trust relationship between your customers and vending machine, facilitate buying and paying process.

Vending Machines Monitoring System

AZADY: Online Monitoring

Remote monitoring system for vending machines to: Reduce machines downtime, Eliminate redundant visits, Control your employees work, Control Inventory and more.

Drop Sensor (Item detector sensor) for vending machines

Equipped with drop sensor

Get your chosen item or money back guarantee with our built-in drop sensor feature.

Payment Methods (Channels) for vending machines

Multi Payment Systems

Let your customers choose how to pay; by using coins, banknotes, prepaid cards, QR code or any other compatible payment systems.

Where to find us?

Follow the map below to find our vending machines in general locations.