Snacks-10 - Cold snacks vending machine



  • 30-60 selections of snacks, beverages and cold drinks. Up to 450 pcs.
  • Cooling Temperature: 4° – 25°.
  • Controller: Android OS.
  • Display: 10 inch LED touch screen for selections and advertisement videos and pictures with 4 GB storage and USB input.
  • Payment systems:
    • Bank note acceptor (UK): 1 JOD, 5 JOD, 10 JOD, 20 JOD, 50 JOD.
    • Coin Changer (Germany): 0.05 JOD, 0.10 JOD, 0.25 JOD, 0.50 JOD.
    • AZAD Card Reader: rechargeable cards for members and daily visitors (Optional).
    • Credit Card Reader: support VISA, MasterCard and American Express (Optional).
  • Drop sensor: get your selection or money back guaranty.
  • Support GPRS for telemetry system.
  • Access to AZAD VMS web and mobile App for sales monitoring, products info, profit calculation, error notifications and more features. More details in AZAD VMS.
  • 2 Channels CCTV controller for security and safety (Optional).

Technical Data:

  • International MDB and DEX protocol.
  • Refrigeration system using R134a cfc-free refrigerants international green environmental protection requirements.
  • Power-failure protection function.
  • Weight: 330Kg.
  • Dimensions H: 193cm, W: 118cm, D: 80cm.
  • Power: 100V- 240V, 50Hz/60Hz.
  • Cooling max power: 900W.
  • Power saving mode.
  • Automatic working system with timer On/Off switch controller.
  • Stainless steel 18/10.

Deal Options:

  • Renting & buying available.